If you have a question, I may have the answer.

Why do you organize weddings?

A couple’s wedding is one of the happiest days of their life together. It should be full of joyous celebration and free of stress. I take joy in helping to make people happy, taking care of details large and small so that they can relax from the moment they set foot on the island until they depart for their shared life together.

Whom do you plan weddings for?

I will work with anyone in need of my services. I particularly love to work with creative couples looking to design a unique and extraordinary wedding.

What is your specialty?

I’ve done most of my work organizing three-day wedding celebrations, which include pre- and post-wedding events, including the ceremony itself. Hydra offers a wealth of options to provide an unforgettable series of activities, celebratory breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and other events for guests and bridal party alike.

Can you provide any references?

Absolutely! Take the word of my past clients! Visit to get references and don’t hesitate to talk with couples I’ve worked with!

What do you handle?

Everything. And anything else you would like.

What do your services cost?

My fee structure reflects the services you would like me to provide. Generally I offer premium services, working with the area’s best suppliers (having thoroughly researched the range of services available over the years). I aim to help you hold your dream wedding, based on a budget realistic both to your vision and the island. We typically plan weddings for couples with an overall budget of at least 15.000€ for an average of XX guests. However that does not mean we do not work with people hoping to arrange a smaller event. Please bear in mind, however, that professionals don’t work for free. If you are on an extremely tight budget that doesn’t allow you to afford a wedding planner’s services, there is information widely available on the Internet.

I can find free info on the Internet. Why pay you?

The Internet can provide you with just about everything, except the following: (a) confirmation that the information you have found is accurate, and (b) feet on the ground. It’s not so easy to coordinate the various service providers you’ll be working with via e-mail or Skype/phone. And when you arrive for your big day, do you want to be dealing with the last-minute details or hanging out with your guests and enjoying all the island has to offer?

How long in advance should we book our wedding?

As soon as possible, especially if you are interested in a high-season date.

How can i have a perfect wedding on Hydra?

It’s simple. You only need the right person from inside! 

Weddings Greece, plan wedding in hydra, white events weddings, hydra island, christina stamatakou, wedding services
Weddings Greece, plan wedding in hydra, white events weddings, hydra island, christina stamatakou, wedding services
Which is the best period to get married?


I recommend you to avoid July and August. These months are the peak of season and the hottest! The island usually is busy and therefore you might have a difficulty to find accommodation for your guests or book other services.

Can we get married any day of the week?

Yes,but we advise you to avoid weekends if possible. Hydra is a very popular weekend destination and therefore (as we mentioned above) busy. In case you have to, because our insight connections we will be able to help you.

How long do we have to be on the island before the wedding?

I recommend you to be at least 2-3 days prior to the wedding as I would like to have a pre-wedding meeting with you and discuss everything and at least one working day after the ceremony in order to visit Registrar’s office and sign the marriage certificate.

We would like only paperwork assistance from you. Can you help us?

Yes. I am happy to assist you with legalities and all the necessary wedding arrangements and book the ceremony date.

We are a DIY couple looking only for consulting. Can you help us?

For those who have the time and the energy to organize the important events of their lives themselves, but they need some information and advice about local services or legal procedures, I offer my knowledge as professional.

Can you organize last-minutes weddings and events?

My living on the island and being fully plugged into the Hydra hospitality and business community means I can help you organize your event within up to one month.

How do we pay? What security do we have?

You pay in two installments. I ask for a  50% retaining fee upon conformation a wedding date, together with a full binding contract.

It is very important to make sure everything is understood,clear and written. By signing our contract you agree to:

1.Pay 50% from the total expected amount, as a “save the date” deposit. This deposit is Non-Refundable.

2.As soon as money has been deposited in my account, a deposit invoice will be send and I set aside the date for you and proceed to the wedding planning and necessary bookings.

3.7 weeks prior to the wedding/event, I require all documents needed in order to confirm that the file of your paperwork is complete and proceed to the wedding arrangements with the officials. Furthermore will proceed to every last detail of the wedding/event day and confirmations with the all the wedding professionals.

4.The remaining 50% of the total amount and any remaining extra amount must be paid 1 week prior to your arrival on Hydra.

It is worth mentioning: White.Weddings & Events planning works with professionalism and responsibility with both customers and vendors. That is our key to successful weddings and events.

At White. our main goal is to create unique, authentic, and inspiring experiences, providing the premier wedding and event planning services in Hydra.

Christina x

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