If you are reading this, then you are considering having your wedding or event on Hydra.

Happy to hear you considering Hydra as a destination!

Hydra is a very picturesque and romantic island and I am sure you have already visited it. If not, you have already checked the Internet and have all the information you need.

So you choose the destination but you are still thinking if you need help for planning and organizing your wedding or event.

Organizing an event from another country or even continent is very difficult. It is difficult even if you live in another city.

Being an Hydriot and working more than 15 years on the island, gives me the privilege to stand out among the other planners. I am based permanently on the island and  you won’t have to pay any accommodation or travel expenses. In addition to this, I can address any questions or issues immediately at any time of the year. I have developed good working relationships with all service providers on the island and many on the mainland. My list includes some of the best professionals in Greece. I am also native Greek speaker which will ensure that communications with them will go smoothly without surprises.

I adapt my services to your needs and preferences—keeping in mind what’s feasible or practical in Hydra—so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy your celebration.

If you decide to have a civil/registry or church wedding several papers and legalities are needed.

Regulations vary by nationality and other details, such as place of birth, country of residence, and the laws of your country of citizenship. Several cases requiring additional documentation.

You will need someone to guide you in obtaining all necessary documents for either a registry or a church wedding.

If you’d like to have a church wedding, Hydra has a number of traditional churches and chapels to choose from. However, not in all of them weddings are allowed.

If you’d like to have a Registry (Civil) wedding, there are several locations to choose from. The same for any other kind of wedding.
But each location has got its own secrets.

I know all these secrets and I am happy to share them with you. 😉

And to come to venues, Hydra hasn’t got many but it has got the best! Great locations, great views, excellent food, wine and service are what make them the perfect events venues.

What make Hydra special is the fact that vehicles are forbidden. A few rubbish trucks, a fire truck, and an ambulance are the only motor vehicles on the island, as cars and motorcycles are prohibited by law. Horses, mules, donkeys, hand carts and water taxis provide all transportation.

My experience and my connections will help you to choose the best match for you, deal with any issue and protect you from unpleasant surprises.

All in all, I can help you save time and money.

Apart a ceremony venue, a reception venue and a good planner, you will need at least these vendors  for your Hydra wedding:

  • Photographer
  • Hair and make up pros
  • Cake baker
  • Florist & Decorator
  • Music pros
  • Sound and lighting pros
  • And more

Another questions is, what is the best theme for your Hydra wedding destination?

Here are some theme ideas to inspire you:

  • Rustic wedding
  • Vintage wedding
  • Oil Grove wedding
  • Traditional Greek wedding
  • Colour-themed wedding (with your favourite colour )
  • Chic Beach wedding
  • Flower-themed wedding (with the flower of your preference)
  • Eco wedding
  • Effortless chic
  • Elegant

I can also help you find a nice way to thank and entertain  your guests.

If you think to have a 3-day celebration (or more! The new trend is 7-days celebration!), I have plenty of ideas to bring on table and help you fill these days with fan and joy.

Let me share my new idea with you. I am so exited!

Off the beaten path weddings!

If you are an adventurous couple and would like to try something off the beaten path, no matter whether you are planning a large wedding or an intimate elopement, I know the spot for you.

Living on the island year-round and having an enquiring mind, I have found several amazing, little-known sites for holding events for just a few people or a reception of more guests.

Essential: A very good photographer and videographer to capture the DAY!

Being one of the most traditional and charming island in Greece, Hydra island is considered to be the perfect place for island Weddings. Comparing with other popular islands for weddings and events, it is not expensive as many may think. You just need the right person from inside.
Christina X

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