A wedding favor is a small gift given to wedding guests as a token of appreciation from the newlyweds.

Give a “little piece” of the island and be creative by offering as a favor this unique hand made soap to your friends and family. What’s better than the Hydra’s scent? The sent of “happiness”!

Hydra island in a soap, inspired by Christina exclusively for Speak Out boutique and created by Helleo Soap.A customized One and Only blend which represents a story. Hydra’s Summer story.

Hydra’s scent! The happiness’s scent!

Ingredients: Olive oil , coconut oil , prickly pear, pink clay, flower of salt, scented with  labdanum, jasmine, neroli, lemon verbena and grapefruit.

“If Hydra had a scent, what would it be? It would smell of happiness. Scents, they say, are more intense in summer. I say they are stronger when you are happy. And what is happiness? Happiness is being with your friends in the summertime at the open-air cinema, with the air smelling of jasmine, neroli, the sea, and the bit of prickle pear left on your hands from the afternoon. And all these scents of jasmine and neroli float around the summer projection room, mixed with the breeze coming from the sea. Can you capture the smell of happiness in a bar of soap? Yes, you can, if you do it with love and passion! And so this soap was made. To capture the scent of “happiness”, the scent of “Hydra.”

Story: Christina.

Available: Speak Out boutique, Hydra’s port Hydra island Greece.

All skin types ,face body and hair. 

It promotes hair growth and healthy skin . 

100% natural vegan cold processed eco friendly biodegradable not tested in animals .


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